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Understanding Lock Terminology

Posted: August 24, 2023 at 3:04 pm

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Lock terminology

For us to provide a quotation that includes cover for material damage, we would require confirmation of the following:

All external doors at the premises and any internal doors leading to other premises (other than doors officially designated a fire exit by the fire authority) secured by mortice deadlocks and box striking plates which conform to British Standard 3621 specification”

We understand that lock terminology can be confusing, therefore this guide will help you understand the type of door lock fitted at your premises.

Five-lever – relates to the number of levers within the lock and determines the number of key variations available; the higher the number of levers, the more secure the lock as it becomes more difficult to pick

Mortice – a lock that is physically fitted into the main body of the door in a chiseled slot

Rimlock – fits on the surface of the door, in the same way as a traditional ‘yale’ type latch lock

Deadlock – a key is required to lock and unlock the door from both inside and out. This improves security by making it more difficult to access

Having the correct lock fitted is imperative, not only would you be at risk of your Insurance being invalidated; but also having reduced security can increase the likelihood of a break-in using the following methods –

o Force the lock (old-style latch locks, which just locked when they were pulled closed, could be forced using a credit card)

o Open the door by smashing the glass and reaching in to turn the latch and unlock the door – with a deadlock, the door would not open without the key

o Exit the property – thieves may be able to break in through a window, but prefer to leave through a door, rather than carry their goods out through the window. With a deadlock, they would have to first find the key before being able to open the door.

If you’d like to discuss the matter further, please contact one of our team who’ll be happy to help.

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