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Liability Insurance for Tattoo Studios & Artists including work away and treatment risk.

Tattoo Removal Insurance

Ever since the birth of tattooing, people have also wanted them removed!
It is now becoming easier to remove or partially remove tattoos using Laser, Eraze or erase.

With over 10 years of experience in the Tattoo Insurance industry, Tattoo Insure understand the insurance needs of tattoo removal specialists. Whether you own a studio, are self-employed, rent a space in a mobile capacity or while working at a convention, Tattoo Insure can find an insurance policy to suit your individual requirements.

As well as loss or damage to your equipment (Contents Insurance) and the liability to the public when they arrange treatment at your studio or at a convention (Public Liability Insurance), any injury caused to your clients when you remove their tattoo, or an infection which occurs later (Treatment Risk Insurance), Tattoo Insure can provide the Insurance Cover to protect you from our wealth of experience and knowledge in the Tattoo sector.

We can offer cover for laser tattoo removal, eraze tattoo removal and erase tattoo removal. Our insurance cover evolves as the industry evolves!

NB: All Practioners must have a valid certificate of training from an approved training company or supplier/manufacturer and Core of Knowledge, minimum of two years continuous experience of undertaking such work without having an insurance claim made against them. It must be noted that it is a condition of cover that there be at last six weeks between the dates of Laser Tattoo Removal treatment for any client.

Tattoo Insure have a specialist insurance scheme for tattoo removal, Laser studios and mobile tattoo removal, and already insure thousands of businesses like yours throughout the UK.

We are not a faceless call centre abroad. We are based in Northampton and if necessary, we will travel to your studio to discuss your needs. You will also find Tattoo Insure at many conventions around the UK, including Northampton, Liverpool, Edinburgh and the Titanic & Halloween Conventions, to name a few, where you can talk to us face to face.

Many tattoo removal studios also undertake hair removal and IPL treatments using the same laser; our cover can be extended to include these treatments too.

As tattoo removal insurance industry experts, we take the time to understand your individual requirements, helping you to find the right level of cover for your Tattoo Removal business at the right price.

Once upon a time tattoos were rare, but those days are long gone and body art is now common among adults of all ages. Recent years has shown a significant rise in tattoo studio establishments opening all across the country. There are several tattoo artists who operate privately, at conventions, in mobile vans or are employed in tattoo studios. Of course, owning a tattoo business comes with its fair share of risks just like any other business. Thus, it is important to protect the functioning of your tattoo studio by having in place tattoo removal insurance policies that will provide sufficient cover.

Recent estimations reveal that about one in five of the UK population as a whole is inked and this figure rises to three in the case of young adults. The increase in the number of tattoos has also bought with it an increase in tattoo regrets.

Tattoo studios have to be smart here and opt for tattoo removal insurance in order to ensure minimum interruption and hassle in business conduct.

What is Tattoo Shop Insurance?

Tattoo shop insurance is a particular type of business insurance policy which aids owners of tattoo studios to maintain a lucrative business.

Tattoo insure, being one of the top insurance providers in the tattoo industry, understands the risks that are a part of running this type of business and hence have tailored policies that deal with these risks so that your tattoo business can remain profitable in case of any unexpected instances.


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What is Tattoo Removal Insurance?

Tattoo removal entails a specialist procedure that requires a set of insurance policies tailored specifically for the tattoo industry. Whether your business uses laser technology or a saline solution process, Tattoo Insure provides tattoo removal insurance to protect you and your business from potential dangers that come with this type of industry.

We offer the right level of cover at competitive prices to best suit your requirements. Our tattoo removal insurance can suit your business needs whether you operate from your own studio or shared premises.

Tattoo Removal Insurance and the Liability Coverage It Provides

As more and more people are getting inked, it does not come as a surprise that tattoo removal is on the rise. The liability for tattoos is particularly important as lawsuits against tattoo artists and businesses are increasing.

The legal costs involved can strip a business of its profitability which is why obtaining tattoo removal insurance for your business has become even more important. Getting the insurance covers sorted will go a long way in the event of fines imposed by courts along with the legal fees associated with it.

Following are the various coverage options that you can choose from:

  • General Liability – Any damage or personal injury sustained by a customer while in the premises of your business is covered by general liability. The most frequent reasons for injuries are mainly due to slip and fall accidents. Tattoo Insure recommends that every tattoo business that admits customers onto their place of business must carry general liability insurance.
  • Professional Liability – Tattoo removal has to be done very carefully over a number of sessions and the artist performing the procedure has to be well trained. Professional liability covers malpractice for tattoo removal insurance in case an artist should severely injure a customer or perform substandard work. Considering the permanence of tattoos, lawsuits are to be expected. Any time an employee leaves or a new one is hired; make sure that you inform your insurance company. To avoid future lawsuits, make sure that you hire competent tattoo artists and cover them with this important insurance.
  • Transmissible disease liability insurance – Ensuring the usage of clean, unused and sterilised equipment is extremely important. As the owner of a tattoo studio, you are bound to take absolute care to safeguard the health of your customers. There may be cases of lawsuits which will require you to defend your business, sometime at a hefty cost. This coverage is likely to protect you from such potential losses.

Types of Tattoo Removal Techniques

  • Tattoo Removal by Laser Method – Using pulses of laser light to remove the ink from the area over a number of sessions is what laser tattoo removal involves. The high beam of the laser light is used to separate and fade the ink within the area. Some lasers are found to be more effective than the others. Certain tattoo ink colours may require a specific type of laser to be used or may require more sessions to ensure proper removal of the tattoo. However, 100% tattoo removal is not guaranteed as it is extremely difficult to fade certain colours. As body ink specialists, tattoo artists are able to assess the tattoos of their customers before the sessions can start and give them a clear analysis on the entire tattoo removal procedure. Tattoo removal insurance in laser method is extremely important for tattooists.
  • Merits and Demerits of Laser Technique –An increasing number of people are opting for laser treatment as it includes lesser risk of scarring and it does not require making of any incision near the tattoo. It is considered to be the most effective method of tattoo removal with least pain involved.

However, people who experience laser tattoo removal reveal that the process causes substantial pain but it also depends on the pain threshold of the person. It has also been noticed that tattoos including colours such as red and green, may not be easy to remove using the laser method. Additional sessions may be required to fade these colours and in some cases these may not fade at all.

The biggest disadvantage of laser tattoo removal is de-pigmentation of the skin. This is caused mainly due to the action of the lasers removing dark pigmentations within the tattoo and sometimes this ends up affecting the dark pigmentation in the layer of the skin. This makes the skin turn white; however this is likely to disappear within few months or over a few years and in some cases it may not disappear at all. At Tattoo Insure, we provide tattoo removal insurance for laser tattoo removal.

  • Using Creams for Tattoo Removal – There are several creams available in the market for tattoo removal, which is why it is recommended that customers opt for private consultations to get a clear understanding of the effectiveness of these creams. Specific tattoo colours can be exceptionally difficult to remove completely, owing to their dark pigmentation which results in deeper settlement of the colours in the skin. Another cream known as Rejuvi is injected into the tattooed area of the skin using small needles. This cream forces the ink to come to the surface and transform in a scab, which results in falling off of the dead skin.
  • Merits and Demerits of Tattoo Removal Cream – Tattoo removal via application of cream happens over a specified number of times a day and is a pain free method. However, tattoo removal creams have never been known to give 100% results and as this method can take a longer time to show its effectiveness, people sometimes are known to become impatient.
  • Eraze Tattoo Removal – Eraze tattoo removal uses an inorganic chemical remover which is specially crafted by Rejuvi Laboratory and is applied the in the same way that the original tattoo is embedded in the skin. It is designed in a way to draw out the tattoo pigment from the skin thus removing the unwanted tattoo. Tattoo remover can be applied only by experienced and well trained tattoo artists and it is to be noted that this type of tattoo removal is unsuitable to be performed at home without expert supervision. It is not a DIY fade product. Tattoo removal treatments are spread across 8-12 week intervals and if the tattoo to be removed is large, it may require to be divided into sections for the treatment to take place effectively. At Tattoo Insure, we provide tattoo removal insurance for Eraze method as well as Erase removal method.

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The Benefits of Tattoo Removal Insurance

Having an unwanted tattoo on your body can be quite infuriating. This is exactly why tattoo establishments are on the rise for not only getting inked, but also to get rid of the unwanted inking. Such tattoo establishments have equipment and lasers that are used to remove a tattoo making an attempt to leave the skin area like it was before.

However, at Tattoo Insure we know that there are many studios and clinics that also indulge in hair removal and IPL treatment using the same laser that they use for the sake of removing a tattoo. Therefore we have our policies for such facilities that can be extended to include these treatments so as to ensure that your business is fully covered.

So, if you are planning to carry out such facilities in your body art studio, then you will surely need to get insurance for your requirements. For the sake of that, you can always approach us as we are the tattoo removal insurance industry experts, having years of experience of the same and would love to take the time to understand your individual requirements and help you to find the right level of cover for your tattoo removal business that too at the right price.

About Us

Tattoo Insure is based in Northampton but if necessary, we will never hesitate to make a trip to your establishment so as to discuss your unique business needs and place our range of tattoo removal insurance policies in front of you.

You will also find Tattoo Insure at many conventions around the UK, including Northampton, Liverpool, Edinburgh and the Titanic & Halloween Conventions, to name a few. Our team will be more than happy to help and advise you on all of your tattoo removal insurance needs so, get in touch today.

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Tattoo Insure provide the right level of cover at competitive premiums:

  • Specialist Insurance Cover for Licenced Professional Tattoo Removal Specialists
  • Instant quotations – cover and policy documents emailed to you within minutes
  • Tailored for you – just pay for the Cover you require
  • Expert advice from the industry’s leading Tattoo Insurance specialists
  • 24 hour claims Support from Tattoo Liability Experts
  • Public Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Treatment Risk Cover
  • Contents Cover
  • Work Away Cover
  • Buildings Cover
Tattoo Removal Insurance
Tattoo Removal Insurance
Tattoo Removal Insurance

We Offer Liability Insurance for:

  • Tattoo studios & tattoo artists
  • Semi-permanent make-up cosmetics
  • Body piercing including dermals
  • Tattoo shows & conventions
  • Tattoo removals including laser and E-raze
  • Buildings Contents and equipment including computers, business income, glass & signs
  • Tattoo & body piercing artist Treatment Cover

Tattoo Insure Covers Examples:

  • Professional Liability up to £5,000,000
  • Treatment Risk up to £250,000
  • Design & Copyright Infringement
  • Covers starting from £85
  • Tattoo & Body Piercing Cover

Highly recommended for our studio Insurance. Knowledgeable, accessible, competitively priced and always helpful we are delighted with the service we have received from the team.

Antony Nicholls - Manager, Liverpool Tattoo Convention / Tattoo Royale / Design 4 Life Tattoo

I have used insurance world for my event for the last 5 years, and they have been invaluable, both with help and the service they provide. I also have had great advice from them regarding my shops, and the cover that suits me best. I would heartily recommend them

James Aitken, organiser of the Scottish Tattoo Convention and owner of Main Street Tattoo
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