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The United Kingdom boasts of a vast health and beauty sector industry which is at its peak now more than ever before. The high streets all across the country have an assortment of different establishments including private spas, clinics, salons, beauty centres and tattoo studios. In an era where we are witnessing body art in all its glory, getting a tattoo has become a significant representation for a great many of us. Tattoos are even more popular in young adults as a way for a young person to express their identity, but it is quite possible for it to become a subject of regret in later years. To cater to this need, tattoo artists responsible for inking the skin are also the ones with solutions and options that can remove the unwanted tattoo. Needless to say, this has led to a significant rise in tattoo studio establishments all across the country. As tattooists work in an environment where there is constant risk factor involved, like any other business getting insured is a sure-fire way to protect your business. The equipment utilised while carrying out tattooing is expensive and they are fundamental for your business. In case these tools are stolen or damaged in an incident, you are bound to suffer financially. When it comes to body inking of the general clientele, there is always an inherent risk factor involved as there may be instances of complaints resulting from infections that you have no control of whatsoever. Thus, having a detailed tattoo insurance policy which focuses more on treatment risk insurance for tattooists is a brilliant way to ensure overall protection against potential damage to your assets, or claims against your establishment which may lead to lawsuits.

What is Treatment Risk Insurance for tattooists?

Treatment risk insurance for tattooists is an essential aspect of third party liability insurance and is very easy to get wrong. It is a common misconception that treatment risks are by default covered by Public Liability Insurance, but this certainly is not the case. A standard format of Public Liability Insurance eliminates any liability resulting from professional risks, for instance design, advice, treatment or specification. When making, arrangements relating to tattooist’s insurance for treatment risks, the important aspects to guarantee the attentiveness of the insurer regarding the range of treatments being provided include the ensuing experience and qualification of the tattooists performing the treatments. This type of insurance will usually enlist insured treatments and as these are expressly mentioned, it is important that the list is checked to be sure of its adequacy. At Tattoo Insure, we consider insurance needs depending upon your business needs and the resulting covers that can be beneficial.
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Additional Choices for Tattoo Studio Insurance Policy

At Tattoo Insure, we take into account every aspect of your tattoo business and tailor policies accordingly. Your policy can be as basic or as detailed as required and can comprise of the following options:
  • Tattoo Liability Insurance and Treatment Risk Insurance – The most important factors for tattoo artists is to have a clean studio atmosphere and equipment that has been sterilised so as to ensure the overall well being of the clients who visit them. However, if tattoo artists find themselves facing a claim based on the health of their client, they may require finance to meet up with the legal costs to defend their business. Legal costs can pile up, but with tattoo liability insurance and treatment risk insurance for tattooists in place, they can protect themselves against a claim made so the probable cost will not interrupt the business conduct.
  • Content Insurance of Tattoo Studios – The fixture and furniture and the tattoo equipment is very useful and integral to the success of your business. Tattoo Insure identifies the need to safeguard the assets and contents of your business and make sure that you do not suffer from any losses resulting from theft or any kind of damage due to unexpected circumstances. Guard your tattooing equipment by availing Contents Insurance from Tattoo Insure.
  • Insurance for Laser Tattoo Removal – Tattoo removal involves treatment entails high risk that may not be covered in a basic tattoo shop insurance policy. Our team of experts can make this addition in your policy if you offer tattoo removal treatment in your studio. This policy will safeguard you and your business from any claims made by your clients.
  • Insurance for Body Piercing – If your tattoo studio offers body piercing to your clients, we can add an extension in your policy to include liability cover for treatment risk insurance for tattooists. Just like the other policies mentioned above, this will ensure that you are covered if any of your client attempts to make a claim of negligence against your tattoo studio or any of your tattoo artist.
  • Insurance for Semi Permanent Make-Up Insurance – As a profitable tattoo studio, you will do everything in your power to defend your business from potential harm. So, if your tattoo establishment offers semi permanent make-up services you will need to get a specific type of insurance as protection from any claims of negligence. Make sure that all the employees working in your studio are certified for the job in order to get insured.
  • Guest Artist and Convention Insurance – If, you are a tattooist who travels frequently and works at a number of different studios, or are likely to attend conventions at a regular basis, the team at Tattoo Insure can make sure that you are covered against any potential risks whilst working in different tattoo establishments.

Qualifications Required for Treatment Risk Insurance?

Treatment risk insurance for tattooists will explicitly mention the minimum requirement for qualifications and supervision or experience of people who start with the treatments or it may specifically mention individuals as being covered for the specifically nominated treatments. If your tattoo studio is planning to undertake any additional new treatment, make sure that you notify Tattoo Insure about it so that it can be included in your policy and extend cover for that as well. Tattoo Insure will readily provide cover for the ‘standard’ beauty treatments in extension to the Public Liability insurance or as a part of the retail package policy which includes assurance for premises, contents, possible business interruptions etc. Intrusive treatments that involve a higher risk and tend to fall out of the scope of ‘standard’ treatments will require a different treatment risk policy – body piercing, tattoo and tattoo removal are a few instances of a separate policy. Treatment risks insurance for tattooistscan also be referred to as ‘medical malpractice insurance’ and is known to provide cover on ‘claims made’ as opposed to the more ordinary ‘claims occurrence’ basis of cover.

Treatment Risk Insurance for Tattooists

Tattoo Insure has been in the insurance game tailored specifically for tattoo studios, independent artists and tattooists in mobile capacity for over twenty years. We are based in Northampton but that does not limit us from providing insurance all over UK since our inception in 1989. We are recognised well in the industry for tattoo insurance as we provide treatment risk insurance for tattooists across the country.
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Choosing Us for Treatment Risk Insurance for Tattooists

At Tattoo Insure, you can measure our success from our inherent ability to provide our clients with the right mix of packages for their tattoo business. Our services which are known to offer great value for money have benefitted many clients across the country, especially our treatment risk insurance for tattooists. We have solutions and covers to provide the right encapsulation for businesses both big and small tailored specifically to meet your needs. We work alongside you to make sure that we have the appropriate cover in place. We are keen to take the time to listen to your questions and give a complete download of the process for you to have a better understanding. Tattoo Insure provides cover for:
  • Loss and damage of your equipment
  • Public Liability while arranging for treatments at studio or convention
  • Injuries sustained by your clients while getting tattooed
  • Any infection occurring at a later stage as a result of the treatment availed at your establishment.

Treatment Risk Insurance for Tattooists – Services

At Tattoo Insure, we understand that many tattoo studios undertake other body art treatments such as:
  • Body Piercing
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Semi-permanent Make-Up etc.
This is why we not only provide treatment risk insurance for tattooists but also offer an extension to the cover to include these services as well. You will also find Tattoo Insure at many conventions around the UK, including Northampton, Liverpool, Edinburgh and the Titanic & Halloween Conventions, to name a few. Our team will be more than happy to help and advise you on all of your needs so, get in touch today. Your INSTANT TATTOO INSURE QUOTE is only a click away!
Tattoo Removal Insurance
Tattoo Removal Insurance
Tattoo Removal Insurance

We Offer Liability Insurance for:

  • Tattoo studios & tattoo artists
  • Semi-permanent make-up cosmetics
  • Body piercing including dermals
  • Tattoo shows & conventions
  • Tattoo removals including laser and E-raze
  • Buildings Contents and equipment including computers, business income, glass & signs
  • Tattoo & body piercing artist Treatment Cover

Tattoo Insure Covers Examples:

  • Professional Liability up to £5,000,000
  • Treatment Risk up to £250,000
  • Design & Copyright Infringement
  • Covers starting from £85
  • Tattoo & Body Piercing Cover

Highly recommended for our studio Insurance. Knowledgeable, accessible, competitively priced and always helpful we are delighted with the service we have received from the team.

Antony Nicholls - Manager, Liverpool Tattoo Convention / Tattoo Royale / Design 4 Life Tattoo

I have used insurance world for my event for the last 5 years, and they have been invaluable, both with help and the service they provide. I also have had great advice from them regarding my shops, and the cover that suits me best. I would heartily recommend them

James Aitken, organiser of the Scottish Tattoo Convention and owner of Main Street Tattoo
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